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Countryside Sanitation Service LLC is a locally and family owned garbage collection company you can trust in Pitt County, NC. We provide both commercial and residential sanitation services as well as roll-off containers in Greenville (metro, commercial only), Greene County, Lenoir County, and Pitt County, NC.
During the holiday season, our refrigerators are usually packed full of ingredients for our favorite holiday dishes and desserts. Then, after the big celebrations, our fridges are stacked with rows of Tupperware full of leftovers.
Once the holiday season is over, it’s the perfect time to clean out your fridge. So, what will you need? You will definitely need several trash bags to start off with. Dispose of anything that is expired or that you don’t plan on eating. Cooked meat can only remain in the fridge for a few days before going bad.
Once, you’ve cleared out all the food you no longer need, you can shuffle around the remaining contents and remove shelves and drawers to give them a deep cleaning and sanitizing. Then, make sure that your drawers and shelves are nice and dry before you put them back in the refrigerator.
We also suggest that you take your trash bags of food outside to your garbage container for garbage collection. That way you can avoid having lingering smells of rotten and moldy food in your home.
For all of your garbage collection needs in Pitt County, NC, contact us at Countryside Sanitation Service LLC.