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Countryside Sanitation Service LLC is a trash pick-up company you can trust in Pitt County, NC. We provide both commercial and residential sanitation services as well as roll-off containers in Greenville (metro, commercial only), Greene County, Lenoir County, and Pitt County, NC.
Whether you’re a home owner or business owner, you deserve top notch trash collection. We offer a variety of trash pick-up services including curbside pick-up, estate cleaning, commercial dumpsters, roll-off containers, and one-time pick-up.
We all know that trash is not the most pleasant smelling thing in the world. Whether you get hit with a strong whiff when you open the trash can, or the smell lingers as you walk by, smelly trash is something that everyone would like to avoid.
Here are some tips from Food52 to help reduce the smell of your trash:

  • Invest in quality trash bags. Better trash bags are thicker which means that they are less likely to rip and that they are better at holding in those stinky odors.
  • Avoid throwing liquid or moist objects (such as wet coffee grounds) into your trash can. Moisture breeds bacteria and worsens the smell of your garbage.
  • If you have something that is especially smelly, like animal waste or smelly food waste, dispose that directly into your outdoor trash bin.
  • Add an odor absorber into your trash, such as dryer sheets, cat litter, or baking soda. Or, you can add in something to mask the smell of smelly trash such as lemon peels.
  • Consider creating a compost with your food scraps. This will banish the bad-smelling trash from your garbage while also helping out your lawn and garden.

For reliable and affordable trash pick-up in Pitt County, NC, contact us at Countryside Sanitation Service LLC.