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If you’ve ever walked down a grocery store aisle searching for trash bags, you know how many choices there are out there. So, as sanitation specialists, we thought we’d fill you in some of the different types of trash bags available and which type is best for you:

  • First, you have to determine what you will be using your trash bags for. Household trash, lawn waste, and restroom waste bins all require different types of trash bags.
  • Once you have determined the purpose of your trash bags, you need to think about the appropriate size, with lawn trash bags being the biggest and bags for office and restroom wastebaskets being the smallest.
  • After you have decided on the size of your trash bag, the next thing you should consider is the thickness. For heavy duty trash collection, you will need a thicker bag.
  • One of the last things to consider is color: black or white? It’s mostly up to personal choice and budget (black trash bags are typically a little cheaper than white trash bags).

For all of your garbage collection and sanitation needs, Countryside Sanitation Service LLC is here for you. For more advice about selecting trash bags, read Plastic Place’s article.