Countryside Sanitation Service LLC is a trash pick-up company you can trust in Pitt County, NC. Whether it’s burning trash or disposing of it in dump sites, your trash should be handled in a responsible way. We provide both commercial and residential sanitation services as well as roll-off containers in Greenville (metro, commercial only), Greene County, Lenoir County, and Pitt County, NC.

Many people burn their trash, especially when it comes to yard waste such as leaves and lawn trimmings. However, with a trash service at your beck and call, burning trash is unnecessary. Many of the things you would burn can be recycled, and if not, taken to the landfill.

According to the EPA, burning your trash isn’t the healthiest decision you can make. The smoke emitted from trash burning can be dangerous to both your physical health and to the health of the environment. Trash burning can also release harmful chemicals in its smoke that can travel far and wide, affecting plant life, crops, and waterways for miles around.

Before you burn trash, you also need to be aware of the restrictions that your town or county may put on the activity. Some areas prohibit trash burning altogether, and some areas only allow it with certain restrictions in place.

Instead of burning your trash, you can use yard and kitchen waste to create a compost for your yard. Whether you’re a home owner or business owner, you deserve top notch trash collection.

We offer a variety of trash pick-up services including curbside pick-up, estate cleaning, commercial dumpsters, roll-off containers, and one-time pick-up. For those items that you can’t use in the compost, you can contact us at Countryside Sanitation Service LLC for all of your trash pick-up needs in Pitt County, NC.