Working in garbage collection throughout Pitt and Lenoir County, we’re passionate about recycling. Trash collection and recycling go hand in hand, though sometimes there are some misconceptions about what recycling does. With that in mind, here are 3 myths about recycling debunked.

MYTH #1: Recycling is Too Hard

As long as the community can provide adequate recycling opportunities and accessibility, recycling shouldn’t  be difficult for people all over Pitt County. There are bins and visuals in the community that help residents know what can be recycled. Many communities even now accept commingled recycling where the material no longer needs to be separated by the individual. In addition, don’t worry about removing labels and caps – they are removed by machines during the separation process.For more information about recycling in Pitt and Lenoir County, check out this official guide

MYTH #2: The Landfill Will Decompose It

Regrettably, this simply is not true. Landfills are actually designed so that little oxygen or moisture flows through and those are the two essential components of decomposition. Landfills don’t break down trash, they bury it. This prevents decomposing materials from contaminating groundwater. Recycling actually helps landfills— it creates more space in landfills and lessens the chance of trash leeching into our soil and water.

MYTH # 3: Recycling Just Becomes Trash Anyway

While contamination can make some materials unfit for recycling, recycling corporations work hard to find markets for materials that are recycled. With new technology to separate and salvage materials and new markets for these materials, it’s often very feasible to identify opportunities for reuse. Some materials may eventually find their way to the landfill or incinerator because they should not have been recycled in the first place, but overall these recycled materials are being used well. 

Want More Help?

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