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If you’re looking for a way to recycle and reuse materials around your home, there are plenty of creative and cute craft ideas out there that use materials from around your home. Not only will this help to reduce your carbon footprint, it can also provide a fun opportunity for you to do some crafts with your friends and family.
Here’s a list of some crafts using recycled materials from We Are Teachers:

  • You can create a spring hanging garden by re-using any 2-liter bottles you have at home. Turn the bottle horizontally and cut a hole in the side. Fill the bottle halfway with potting soil and plant a flower. Punch small holes into each side of the bottle and attach some string to hang your bottle planter.
  • You can use recycled materials, such as aluminum cans, old scraps of metal, sticks from the yard, pencils, and old silverware to make magical wind chimes.
  • If you have old, broken crayons laying around, don’t throw them away! You can gather together the broken pieces and arrange them in a muffin tin. After baking them and letting them dry, you will have new and fun multi-colored crayons to use. You can even use cookie cutters to make your crayons into fun shapes!
  • You can use your 2-liter bottles to make bird feeders. Simply cut a hole into the side of the bottle, about at the middle. Fill the bottom half of the bottle with bird seed, and attach some string to hang your bird feeder from a nearby tree.

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