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If you have a garden or you’re looking to start one, there are a number of household items you can use to help your garden grow. Not only will this your garden produce flowers, fruits, and vegetables, it will also help you to recycle items you might have thrown away instead.

One way to use your trash in your garden is by creating compost. Fruit and vegetable peels and cores, coffee grounds, used tea bags, eggshells, and yard waste are all great things to add to compost. Over time, these will decompose and make a natural fertilizer for your plants.

Your garden also provides an opportunity to recycle and re-use other household products. For example, after you enjoy a cold summer popsicle, keep the sticks and use them as markers in your garden; that way, you’ll know exactly where everything is. You can also re-use old cardboard boxes to help you collect and store your fruits and vegetables once it’s time for them to be picked.

For creative potting, you can use old shoes to house flowers and add personality to your garden. An old tire can make a unique and fun planter for your yard. Soda bottles can be used to make bird feeders for your yard. Really, with some creativity and ingenuity, the possibilities for a recycled garden are endless!

For those items that can be used in your garden, give us a call at Countryside Sanitation for all of your trash pick-up needs in Pitt County, NC. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you deserve top-notch trash collection. We offer a variety of trash pick-up services including curbside pick-up, estate cleaning, commercial dumpsters, roll-off containers, and one-time pick-up. Call today!