Countryside Sanitation’s trash pickup service in Pitt County is here for you. Though we care about our trash pickup service, we also care about being greener with how we process trash. A great way to reduce the amount of trash you make is to try composting. We know that it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea of composting when many live in apartment complexes. Here is a step by step guide to starting composting in an apartment!

1. Get A Good Container

Try to find a plastic or ceramic container and make sure you purchase two lids. You’ll need to poke holes in the bottom of the bin as well as one of the lids. The second lid will be placed under your container for drainage. This will help provide ventilation and drainage.

2. Get Paper

In 1-inch strips, you should shred whatever paper you have lying around the house. You can shred newspaper, newsletters, etc.

3. Soak Paper

Soak your paper and then let it layout so that it is damp but it’s not dripping. When it’s ready. Line your container with the paper. Your container should be filled up about 1/3 of the way with the paper.

4. Add Soil and Worms

Add just a little soil and your worms and let it sit in the sunlight so that the worms burrow into the paper. After this, you can start adding the food scraps. When you add food scraps, you should always make sure you bury it under your damp paper strips.

5. Use It

After all this, your apartment composting unit should be ready to go. Make sure you put it in a cool spot that doesn’t have a lot of sunshine. You can continue to add the scraps over and over until it seems that it’s completely composted and even implement it into your garden!

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