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Most people do not wonder what happens to the trash they toss to the curb and in the dumpsters when it is collected.
Landfills are the final destination for all garbage. But what are landfills? In a modern landfill, tightly packed
layers of waste are contained under a barrier of rubber and clay. Over this barrier is a liner that keeps liquids from
seeping out.

Household trash landfills, or municipal solid waste landfills, are lined with clay as well as a layer of
flexible plastic. Pipes are mounted above this plastic which collects leachate, which is the contaminated
fluid that leaks out of the landfill. This leachate is then treated as wastewater and then released. After
the landfill reaches capacity, a clay and plastic layer is used to cover the waste. Soil is spread over that
along with plants.

Rainwater will run through the mounds of soil and vegetation and pool above the plastic layer.
Landfills do not breakdown waste, they only store it. Over time, garbage will decompose in the oxygen-free
environment, creating methane gas. Pipes inside the garbage container transport the methane to either be vented into the open air, or stored and used as fuel. For more information on landfills, go here.

So the next time you toss your trash, remember the enormous energy that goes into storing it away from the places
you love. Call Countryside Sanitation Service LLC and we will make sure to transport your garbage safely.